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Jyoti Arora offering expert consultation services  in Tarot Reading, Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Numerology

Chinese Astrology

Special monthly forecast for chinese Zodiac signs mentioning career, business,Love relationship and finance prospects.

INR 5100.00 Monthly Forecast 
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INR 11000.00 Annually Forecast
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Tarot Card Reader





INR 5100.00
The most popular form of divination tool of fortune telling.The tarot can help you understand yourself better and teach you how to tap your inner resources more confidently. One can use tarot to solve the unsolved issues and peep into future possibilities related to career,finance,Love relationships.
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Jyoti Arora -Love and relationship – 3 Month Report
INR 5100.00
An exact analysis of your Love life with forthcoming events ,compatibility,predictions and remedies to enhance luck in love. You can see clearly where your Love life is moving…
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Jyoti Arora – Professional 3 Month Report
INR 5100.00
A report on your career: general trends and present state, new assignment, elevation in levels. Office politics if there, relationship with your Boss and peers. Remedies to enhance your career if required.
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Jyoti Arora – Ask one Question (48 Hrs.)
INR 3100.00
Ask question on any topic that is disturbing you to get clarity on the likely events in immediate future with possible outcome.
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Jyoti Arora – Love and Relationship Report – 1 Month
INR 3100.00
A detailed analysis on your Love and relationship.To know what stars are bringing this month for you in your Love life. With remedies you can get best out of your existing relationship.
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Jyoti Arora – Professional Report – 1 Month
INR 3100.00
Detailed report on your career this month, with likely events related to office atmosphere, peers relationship and remedies to enhance your career luck.
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Numerology Service:
INR 11000.00
Get a totally personalized look at your Numerology in 2016! A special One Year Numerology Report which describes the numbers that affect your life in the new year, based on your unique birth information.
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Feng Shui
Jyoti Arora – Fengshui analysis and Remedy for Homes – Site visit

INR 25000.00 – For Delhi & NCR
INR 51000.00 plus travel cost (Air Fare & Accommodation) – For outstation clients
Fengshui can bring happiness in your life and improve the earth luck. Order for complete Fengshui analysis with remedies for your house. By using Fengshui to cure afflictions and enhance positive Chi one would be able to achieve happiness and harmony to ones life. Also one can energize the inner realms and the outer world with age old secrets and techniques of fengshui . Fengshui helps to avoid harms and misfortune, put life back on track with protection and happiness. By doing Fengshui you can boost your energy,creativity, career, money luck, power, prosperity and much more
Jyoti Arora – Placement Guidance for Curing a Particular Problem
INR 5100.00 Crystals have bounteous energy, get the crystal selection and placement guidance for getting cure of a particular problem.
Jyoti Arora -Fengshui Analysis and Remedy for Offices INR 25000.00 for offices area upto 10000 sq ft. (Delhi & NCR) Buy Now

INR 35000.00 for offices area more than 10000 sq ft. (Delhi & NCR) Buy Now

INR 51000.00 for Outstation Office/Factory Visit plus (Air Fare & Accommodation) Buy Now

Fengshui for offices and business houses – guide to enhance your business opportunities and grow.Try these fengshui remedies to enhance business and financial growth.

Vedic Astrology

INR 5100.00 Held at our office in New Delhi or Online through Skype
Your detailed Vedic horoscope analysis with an insight on your career relationship, financials and business growth with respect to your planet in transit. Also we provide a detailed recomendation of Gem Stones to cure or enhance an afflicted or auspicious planet in your chart. With this session we also suggest you special rituals and cure to be followed.

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